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"Spotlight on Severance High School Performing Arts Booster: Non-Profit of the Month (April)"

Updated: Apr 15

The Severance High School Performing Arts Booster Club

Severance High School Performing Arts

The Severance High School Performing Arts Booster Club (PAB) is a passionate group dedicated to supporting the arts within Severance High School. Their mission is to enhance the educational experience of students involved in performing arts by providing vital resources and opportunities.

The Severance High School Performing Arts program encompasses a diverse range of artistic disciplines, and its talented students contribute to various ensembles. Theatre, Choir, Orchestra, Band and Jazz Band. Each of these groups contributes to the vibrant arts community at Severance High School. Their dedication, creativity, and passion enrich not only their own experiences but also the cultural fabric of the entire school.

Here's a detailed overview of the PAB's initiatives:

Field Trips and Educational Experiences

The PAB seeks to enrich students' learning through field trips. These excursions allow students to explore the arts beyond the classroom, providing valuable exposure to cultural events, performances, and artistic experiences. Funding from donations supports field trips, covering essential costs such as transportation, ticket fees, meals, and resource materials. These trips offer students unique insights and inspiration.

In the spring, students have an incredible opportunity to attend and compete at the Canon City Music Festival. This event requires funding for transportation, lodging, and meals for approximately 120 students. Participating in this festival allows students to showcase their talents, learn from other performers, and immerse themselves in a vibrant musical environment.

Also, The Greeley Jazz Festival, the largest event of its kind in the nation, brings together internationally recognized artists, jazz enthusiasts, and award-winning clinicians. Over 250 college, high school, and middle school big bands, combos, and jazz vocal groups participate. The festival provides a platform for students to perform, learn, and connect with the broader jazz community.

Severance high school performing arts

Equipment Enhancement

Donations also contribute to enhancing student concerts and theatrical performances. The PAB allocates funds for costumes, set pieces, and uniforms.

High-quality equipment enhances the overall artistic experience, allowing students to express themselves fully during their performances.

Community Impact

The PAB's efforts extend beyond individual students. By supporting the performing arts, they contribute to the cultural and artistic development of the entire Severance school community. Public acknowledgment at events and in promotional materials ensures that sponsors receive recognition for their valuable contributions.

Invitation for Partnership

The PAB invites potential sponsors to join them in fostering a love for the performing arts. With support from sponsors like you, they can continue providing valuable experiences for their members. They are open to discussing sponsorship further and exploring ways to achieve shared goals.

In summary, the Severance High School Performing Arts Booster Club is committed to nurturing creativity, talent, and cultural enrichment. Your support can make a meaningful difference in the lives of these young artists.

severance high school performing arts booster

The Severance High School Performing Arts program has an exciting lineup of upcoming performances. Here are the dates and events you won't want to miss:

"The Single Man" A Murder Mystery Spoof By Don Zolidis.

April 4th- 6th @ 7:00pm

Tickets are $10 and available at the door.

Band & Orchestra Concert

May 14th @ 6:30pm - always Free

Choir & Jazz Band Concert

May 15th @ 6:30pm - always Free

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