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"Rising Star: Get to Know Our March Athlete of the Month, Josiah Rodriguez"

Josiah Rodriguez- 17yr old from Greeley

Athlete's School: Union Colony

What is the sport / activity? Baseball & Basketball

Position Played: 1st Base & Pitcher

How long have you participated in this sport/activity? Since I was 4 or 5

What is your favorite teacher/mentor’s name? My favorite teacher is Mrs Veik

Who do you idolize in this sport/activity? My idol in the MLB is Anthony Rizzo

Where do you normally practice? Dayspring

Are you on a team? Yes

Have you met anyone famous in this sport/activity? I have met Daryl Strawberry

Have you traveled anywhere related to this sport/activity? Omaha

What events have you participated in? Slumpbuster

What awards or honors have you won? 2nd team all conference

What have you learned from participating in this sport/activity?

I have learned to be patient and also to become more of a team player

What do you like the most about the sport/activity?

I really like how competitive baseball is

What is your favorite moment?

My favorite moment is when I pitched against Flatirons 9th grade year and had 10 K’s in 5 innings allowing 0 scores

What do you plan on doing after graduating?

I plan on going to college for baseball

One tip for someone looking to get into this sport/activity:

You need to put in as much work as you can. You can be 100% talented at sports but it doesn’t mean you are very skillful and have drive

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