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"Remembering Slade: A Tribute to Our Loyal Companion"

"Precious Pets" Feature March 2024:

In the quiet town of Severance, amidst the laughter and love of the Rachel, Andrew, Eddie, Liam, and Lucy Moore household, there was a special member who brought an extra dose of joy and loyalty – Slade, the Dutch Shepherd/Malinois Mix.

Almost a decade ago, fate led Rachel and Andrew to a Humane Society adoption event in Maryland. Little did they know, their lives were about to be forever changed. Spotting Slade, a stray with an unknown past, Rachel locked eyes with him, and the decision to welcome him into their family was made over dinner. And so, Slade became a cherished addition to their lives. 

Named after the DC villain by the Vet Techs at the shelter, Slade's unique moniker stuck. It became a part of him, a name that echoed both strength and resilience. Unbeknownst to Rachel and Andrew, Slade would go on to live up to his name in more ways than one. 

Quirky and full of character, Slade had a penchant for unconventional greetings – his signature move, the "crotch sniffer," never failed to bring a smile to the faces of his family. His sleep positions were a constant source of amusement, revealing the goofy side of his personality. And when he wanted attention, Slade had a way of talking and moaning that was impossible to ignore. 

What Rachel loved best about Slade was his unwavering affection. He was always there, a loyal companion offering comfort in both joyous and challenging moments. His endearing antics and the unique bond he shared with the family made him irreplaceable. 

The memories of Slade go beyond the everyday moments. There was that time when he pulled a burger heist from a friend, Jesse, during a casual TV-watching session – a comical incident that hinted at Slade's love for good food and mischievous charm. 

Spoiled? Without a doubt. Slade enjoyed a life filled with love, treats, and everything in between. His endearing nature made it impossible not to shower him with affection and attention. 

But Slade was more than just a cherished pet; he played a crucial role in expanding the family. After adopting him, Rachel began volunteering at the shelter, turning her passion into a part-time job. Slade, the seasoned disciplinarian and friend, welcomed around 100 foster dogs and cats into the household, becoming a guiding force for the newcomers. 

Unfortunately, life took a difficult turn for Slade. Dealing with gastrointestinal issues and an unknown diagnosis for the past year, Slade peacefully passed away surrounded by the family's love on 3/5/24. His legacy lives on in the hearts of those who knew him, and his paw prints will forever mark the halls of the Moore family household.  

Slade, our ride or die, you enriched our lives in ways words cannot express. Thank you for being our faithful friend, disciplinarian, and the heart of our home. You will be deeply missed. #RememberingSlade #ForeverInOurHearts 

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