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Psychic Insights of Colorado

Todays Message from Spirit (holy spirit) 

It is time to stop hiding. And step into the light. Own all of you. Stop watering yourself down for other people.  


How are you showing up lately? Half Way? Only owing half your gifts? Or light? But leaving some in the shadow. Everyday you are relentlessly Showing up but how? For yourself? Others? And are you fully 10000% showing up in a way that fully displays all of your talents?  


Or are you only showing up with what leaves other people comfortable with you? Read that again. You must be relentless in showing up in every facet of your truest self. You must not be afraid to be ridiculed, mocked, made fun of, made to look ridiculous, insane to every other person to reach the full level of success you want. You must be come comfortable in being the villain in other people stories, you must become wildly comfortable with letting people be wrong about you. You must stop defending your choices to others.  


 You must be willing to be equally as uncomfortable as successful to be able To strip anything in you that is holding You back from that equally large version of success that is just on the other side of those growing pains leaving your body. Be unapologetic on who You are. Your mission. Your gifts. 

 Be hell bent on protecting your own heart but get out of your own damn way to Fully step into the new reality That is just around the corner. You must be comfortable with not seeing the next step. Why? You must take the first Step in the direction of full fledged faith for the universe/spirit to follow suit.  


You are the key that turns on the car. Without you the vehicle/car (universe) will Not only not move, but not turn on or remain completely inactive or dormant. You are the key to everything. That activates and awakens your ancient but true connection to spirit. You are one with spirit. You always have been. You are of earth and sky. You are both above and below. 

Show all the way up. and reclaim the starring role of your life.  

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