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Precious Pet Spotlight: Dozer

Family Members: Rachel, Luke, Hannah, and Dylan Tofflemoyer

Type of animal/breed: Long Haired Dachshund

Male or female: Male

Pet's age: 11 Years

Where/why did you get your pet?

Back in 2013, Hannah our daughter remembers vividly of puppy Dozer sitting in the living room waiting for pets freshly home from Larimer Humane Society. Luke and Dylan saw him on the website a couple days before he was adoptable and were one in a long line waiting for him! Luckily they were the first ones to see and adopted him right away. Our family was missing one thing when moving to Windsor and that was a pup to love on!

Is there a story behind its name?

Dozer was actually the name of a different pup that Luke had found on another adoption website and the name stuck!

Anything special or unusual about them (talents/quirks)?

Dozer is a simple pup who knows how to sit and shake, but his favorite is high ten! He raises on his back legs and gives a double high five with his front paws.

What do you like best about your pet?

Dozer plays this game under the covers and loves to chase the hands. He also really enjoys opening bark boxes and choosing between treats. He's also a great snuggled right in the nook of a blanket.

Any funny stories?

Dozer tends to play with the baby bunnies and chase squirrels out back.

How spoiled is your pet?

He is extremely spoiled with many treats and he enjoys going over to the neighbors to play with the pups!

What else should we know about your pet and/or how your pet has enriched your home/family?

He has such a goofy and cuddly personality! We love him always and his funny little growley sounds and cute fluffy ears!!

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