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Precious Pet Spotlight: Bash 


Bash, the adorable mixed breed dog, is a true bundle of joy in his family's life. With his charismatic personality and unique blend of breeds, he brings a special touch to every moment. Although he is a mix of about 10 different breeds, Bash proudly claims his Chihuahua heritage, making up around 50% of his genetic makeup. 

Bash was adopted from Paws on the Ground, a rescue organization based in Centennial, Colorado. His parents, avid followers of various rescue groups on Facebook, had been searching for a companion for their senior Pomeranian, Chiquito. When they stumbled upon Bash's litter, they instantly fell in love. The fact that the litter was named after Ewoks from Star Wars, which happened to be Matt's favorite movie series, felt like a sign. Originally named Wicket, after the leader of the Ewoks, Bash quickly became a cherished member of the family. 

There isn't a specific story behind Bash's name. His parents had shortlisted several names for both male and female dogs and decided to wait until they had him for a few days to settle on a name that truly suited him. After considering names like Mac and Jameo, they eventually landed on Sebastian, or Bash for short. 

Bash isn't just a pretty face; he possesses some impressive talents. He knows a repertoire of six tricks, including sit, shake, shake other paw, spin, high five, and up. After finishing his breakfast, he eagerly comes over to collect his morning treat and showcases his tricks in hopes of receiving his reward. It's a delightful sight to see him spontaneously perform a combination of tricks, hoping to hit the right one. 

One of the things Bash's family loves most about him is his unwavering loyalty and boundless happiness when they're around. Whether they're gone for a few minutes or a few hours, his excitement upon their return is infectious. His joyful energy is further amplified when he gets the zoomies, prompting his family to chant, "Go Bashie Go!" This simple chant fuels his enthusiasm, resulting in an entertaining spectacle that brings laughter and joy to all. 

While Bash's quirks and talents are endearing, one heartwarming story stands out. During the later stages of Chiquito's life, when he struggled to get up on his own, he would bark to signal that he needed help. Whenever Bash heard his furry companion's call, he would immediately rush to his side and, with a determined spirit, start tugging at Chiquito's fur, attempting to assist him. Although his efforts often resulted in rolling Chiquito over to the other side, his dedication to looking out for and protecting his senior friend was truly touching. 

Spoiled? Well, Bash lives a life that many envy. He is showered with bones and toys, enjoying the comforts of his parents' bed. Lying on his back with all four legs sprawled out, he lives the sweet life, relishing every moment of relaxation and pampering. 

Bash's presence has not only enriched his family's home but has also played a significant role in healing their broken hearts. After bidding farewell to their beloved Pomeranian, Chiquito, who graced their lives for an impressive 17.5 years, Bash became their little shadow. Wherever his family goes, he faithfully follows, offering unwavering companionship and love. He has seamlessly integrated himself into their family, becoming an indispensable member. Even on the days when he's being a little mischievous, they couldn't imagine their lives without him. Bash, with his mixed breed heritage and loving nature, is a true treasure. He embodies the essence of a precious pet, bringing immense joy, loyalty, and endless love to his family's lives. 

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