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"Family Spotlight" - Meet the Mullens Family

Embracing Family, Running, and Community in Windsor 

City of Residence: Windsor, Northern Colorado 

Pets: Meet Ginger Bella and Mr. Kitty, the beloved four-legged members of the Mullen family

Family Members' Professions: 

  • Nick: Colorado Air National Guard active duty service member 

  • Mandy: Owner of run.Windsor Race Series, Founder of Windsor Gives, and co-owner of run.Colorado Relays 

Activities/Hobbies: The Mullens are an active bunch! Running, travel, camping, family movie nights, and playing Uno are staples in their lives. Both Nick and Mandy are ultra marathon runners, and the family frequently supports their 50-100 mile race endeavors. The boys enjoy shooting BB guns, hanging out in their man-cave, and riding dirt bikes. 

Favorite Park/Play Area: The skate park and the backyard, where dirt bikes take center stage. 

Favorite Restaurants: Sol De Jalisco, Hearth, Cacciatore - these are the go-to spots for the Mullens' family dinners. 

Favorite Vacation Destinations: Leadville, Moab, Granby, and the beach - the Mullens have a love for both mountain and coastal getaways. 

Favorite Sports Teams: The household is divided when it comes to sports teams: Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys, and Denver Nuggets all have their place. 

Family Members Full Names: Nick, Mandy, Carter, and Alex Mullen 

Favorite TV Shows/Movies: "Christmas Vacation" is a family favorite. 

Favorite Music: Their taste in music spans country, indie folk rock, and acoustic genres. 

Favorite Family Dinners: Mexican food is a recurring delight for the Mullens. 

Family Traditions: From summer camping trips to weeks in Leadville and glamping at River Run Resort, the Mullens cherish their family traditions. 

Educational Background: Mandy graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Marketing/Business. 

Origin: Nick and Mandy both grew up in Brush, Colorado, and their roots go back to kindergarten. 

Years in the Neighborhood: The Mullens have been proud Windsor residents since 2016, previously residing in Fort Collins. 

Relaxation Activities: Family movie nights with homemade popcorn, running, and playtime with Ginger are the go-to relaxation activities. 

Community Involvement: The Mullens actively contribute to the Windsor community. Mandy's involvement includes organizing local running events with run.Windsor, co-owning run.Colorado Relays, and founding Windsor Gives, which provides free endurance events, kids fun runs, and scholarships. Nick serves as the timer for races. 

Kids' Activities: Carter and Alex have caught the running bug, in addition to playing football and basketball. Carter is a member of his school's student council, while Alex enjoys reading, coloring, and developing engineering skills through Roblox. 

Favorite Part About Living in the Neighborhood: The Mullens love the Windsor community's dynamic nature, always offering something for the family to enjoy—be it parks, nature walks, dinner, or local breweries. Mandy, in particular, immerses herself in the business community, serving as a board member for the Windsor Area Chamber of Commerce and supporting fellow entrepreneurs. 

Join the Mullens in celebrating family, community, and the wonderful life they've built in Windsor! 

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