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"Family Spotlight" Meet the Middleton's

Family Members Full Names: Shelbi, Raegan, Eleanor and Vaeda Middleton

What Northern Colorado city does your family live in? Greeley

Family Members Professions: Medical Assistant with UC Health for 9 years


Activities/Hobbies: We love being outside! We are always at the park, at the pool or riding around at home. We enjoy doing crafts with friends for each holiday and of course in a house full of girls, doing hair and make up is ALWAYS an option!

Park/Play Area: At the pool and multiple parks in town! We also enjoy hanging out in mommy's room for breakfast in bed and a movie on the weekends.

Restaurants: McDonald's (not mom's option lol) Chilis and any Mexican food.

Vacation Destinations: Estes Park

Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers, Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies, & Denver Nuggets

TV Shows/Movies: Madam Web, Bluey, Amazing Spider Friends, Baby Shark

Music: Country, Hip Hop and Rock. We love Bishop Brigs, Jelly Roll, Taylor Swift, Queen, Def Leopard. We love it all!

Do you have any family traditions? We do our holiday crafts with friends, breakfast in bed, Friday night sleepovers in the living room and now that Raegan no longer believes in the Easter bunny or Santa, (mom wasn't ready for that) she and I get to make the holidays magical for her sisters as a team!

What college/universities did you attend? IBMC

Where are you orginally from? We are all Colorado natives!

How long have you lived in the neighborhood? 2 years

What do you like to do to relax? Watch tv and We listen to new horizon holistic centre meditation stories for kids! A lavender, Epsom salt bubble bath is our favorite.

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